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Samuel Johnson’s sister Connie is dying of Breast Cancer so he’s set out on an epic challenge. He rode around the Australia on a unicycle!

He kept his promise to Connie:
He raised over a  million dollars for Breast Cancer research .
Everywhere he went, he raised awareness of the disease that’s killing her .
And he broke the Guinness World Record for the longest distance on a unicycle.

It sounds insane, but Samuel did it. He trained, he ditched the beers, he ate... well, he ate, and he even froze some of his sperm - under advice of doctors - in case the uncomfortable journey had a lasting effect on his closest mates.

Too easy? Connie thought so. That’s why she set him some additional tasks along the way in what has to be the world’s most unique bucket-list. You can see some of his dares on our webpage or follow along on this blog.
But the work isn't done just because Sam is back home.

Samuel and Connie want to remind every Australian woman about the need to be 'breast aware' in an effort to promote early detection and improve survival rates.
Their message is 'Don't fall into the booby-trap, be breast aware!'

Sam may be home, but his work is not done. He won't rest until no other mother has to say goodbye to her children because she is dying of breast cancer. There are lots of things planned, and the best way to keep up with Connie and Sam is through LoveYourSisterand this blog. (Feel free to join us on Facebook as well!)

And most importantly...
If you'd like to donate (every cent raised goes directly to breast cancer research - please visit The Garvan Institute.

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